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Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Official MOU Signing Between AWKUM's Department of Psychology and MTI BKMC Mardan


We are delighted to announce that the Department of Psychology at Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan (AWKUM) has officially entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with MTI BKMC Mardan. This collaboration marks a significant milestone, fostering academic and research cooperation between the two institutions.

Key Points of the MOU:

  • The MOU outlines a commitment to providing internship opportunities to students from both institutions, allowing them to gain valuable real-world experience.
  • A shared dedication to research collaboration is emphasized, paving the way for joint projects, academic studies, and scientific investigations that contribute to the advancement of knowledge in psychology.
  • The collaboration extends to organizing seminars, workshops, and events that promote the exchange of ideas and knowledge among students, faculty, and researchers.

Attendees at the MOU Ceremony:

  • Representing the Department of Psychology at AWKUM were Dr. Syed Rashid Ali, Dr. Tahir Farid, Mr. Zahoor Alam, and Mr. Adnan Khan.
  • The delegation from MTI BKMC Mardan included Dr. Amjad Ali, Dr. Fazil, and Dr. Iftihar.

MOU Signing: Dr. Syed Rashid Ali, the Head of the Department of Psychology at AWKUM, and Dr. Amjad Ali, Associate Dean Research at MTI BKMC, took center stage to formally sign the MOU. This formal agreement solidifies the commitment of both institutions to fostering a collaborative academic environment that benefits students and advances the field of psychology.

We are excited about the possibilities that this partnership opens up for students, faculty, and researchers at both AWKUM and MTI BKMC Mardan. This collaboration reflects a shared vision of academic excellence and a commitment to advancing psychological research and education.