Friday, September 13, 2019

Dr. Muhammad Abdul Kamal, Assistant Professor of Economics, Published Two Research Articles

Dr. Muhammad Abdul Kamal, Assistant Professor of Economics, published two research articles in SSCI journals.

"Does institutional difference affect Chinese outward foreign direct investment? Evidence from fuel and non-fuel natural resources" in Journal of Asia Pacific Economy with 0.7 impact factor.

"Does the Quality of Institutions in Host Countries Affect the Location Choice of Chinese OFDI: Evidence from Asia and Africa" in Emerging Markets Finance and Trade with 0.934 impact factor.

Open Defense of PhD Scholar Mr. Adil Khan, Department of Zoology

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Newspaper Cutting Regarding PEPRI

Dr. Farooq Jan, Assistant Professor of Botany Published a Paper

Dr. Farooq Jan Assistant Professor of Botany published a paper in Taylor and Francis Journal "Critical Reviews in Environmental Science and Technology" Impact factor 6.00 entitled "Combating soil salinity with combining saline agriculture and phytomanagement with salt accumulating plants".