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Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Circular From Chief Proctor AWKUM



Keeping in view the prevailing threatening wave of Pandemic COVID-19, it is to inform of all concerned that the University has taken serious measure to curb and control the spreading of this deadly disease. In this regard as per directives of the Competent Authority letter No. F. No. 1(2)-Reg1/AWKUM/2020/27681 SoPs should be strictly observed and followed. All kinds of gatherings, parties, political activities and group activities are banned till further order for the best interest of the Students, Faculty and Staff of the University. Outsiders, including regular students of other semesters (3rd and 5th) are not allowed. We need collaboration to fight against COVID-19 and we will fight.

Kind regards

Chief Proctor


Monday, November 19, 2018

Display of ID Card by Students, Staff and Faculty, and Parking at Specified Places against every Building.

As per directives of the Worthy Vice Chancellor, it is requested to ensure that students, staff and faculty must display their respective ID cards, bearing the colour specified and allotted by the university i.e. Maroon for Students, and Blue for staff and faculty, at all office times.

Furthermore, all Vehicles must be parked at the specified/designated areas only.

All the Deans are requested to ensure the above, please.

Friday, October 5, 2018

Farewell to the Ex Chief Proctor and reconstitution of Proctorial Board

A meeting of  the Proctorial Board was held today on October 04, 2018 in conference room. Chief Proctor Chaired the meeting. The following attended the meeting.
1.      Mr. Wajid ihsan Staff Proctor Department of  HPE
2.      Mr. Emad Ullah Khan Staff Proctor Department of Geology
3.      Dr. Abid Ali Staff Proctor Department of  Zoology
4.      Mr. Sanan Ahmad Staff Proctor Department of  PCA
5.      Dr. Atiq Ur Rahman Staff Proctor Department of  Computer Science
6.      Dr. Sajjad Khan Staff Proctor Department of  Pharmacy
7.      Dr. Tahir Hussain Staff Proctor Department of  Microbiology
8.      Dr. Muhammad Said Staff Proctor Department of  Chemistry
9.      Dr. Muhib Shah Staff Proctor Department of  Botany
10.  Mr. Arshad Iqbal Staff Proctor Department of  Law
11.  Dr. Tahir Usman Staff Proctor Department of  DVM
12.  Dr. Noor Jehan Staff Proctor Department of  Economics
13.  Mr. Azmat Ali Shah Staff Proctor Department of  Education
14.   Mr. Sajid Iqbal badshah Staff Proctor Department of  T&H
15.  Mr. Jawad Ullah Staff Proctor Department of  IR
16.  Mr. Sohail Alam Staff Proctor Department of  Economics
17.  Dr. Ayaz Ahmad Staff Proctor Department of  Bo Technology

·        Farewell to the Ex Chief Proctor and reconstitution of Proctorial Board.
Meeting started with recitation of the Holy Quran. The chair welcomed the participants and thereafter the proceedings of the meeting started.

Discussion: Chief Proctor initiated the discussion and described the purpose of the meeting. He along all the Participants appreciated the efforts of the Ex Chief Proctor in promoting and strengthening the Proctorial Board. He was applauded through clapping for him. Chief Proctor made reference to his notification in which he was directed for constitution of new Proctorial Board. He took all Proctors on board that the new Proctorial Board may or may not include them pertinent to recommendation of their concerned Chairman / Dean.


·   It was unanimously decided that Proctorial Board will be made more effective.
·   Rules of the board may be revised and made balanced and student oriented.
·  Dr. Atiq was requested to prepare group of Proctorial Board on whatsapp and social media for promotion and positive image of the university.