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Thursday, December 28, 2023

One-Day Seminar Explores the Rich History and Matrix of Islamic Calligraphy and Illumination Designs at Pakhtunkhwa College of Arts (PCA) AWKUM


In a captivating one-day seminar hosted at Pakhtunkhwa College of Arts (PCA) AWKUM, Mr. Zahir Shah, a highly skilled artist hailing from Karachi, delved into the intricate world of Islamic Calligraphy and Illumination Designs. The event, attended by art enthusiasts and students alike, provided a unique opportunity to explore the rich history, techniques, and artistic nuances of these revered Islamic art forms.

Mr. Zahir Shah, with his expertise and passion, guided participants through the intricate details of Islamic Calligraphy, showcasing the beauty and significance of the written word in Islamic culture. The seminar also explored the mesmerizing world of Islamic illumination designs, unraveling the historical matrix and symbolic elements embedded in each stroke.

The seminar, characterized by engaging discussions and live demonstrations, left attendees inspired and enlightened about the profound artistry that lies within Islamic Calligraphy and Illumination Designs. The event reflects PCA's commitment to fostering artistic exploration and appreciation within its creative community.


Abdul Wali Khan University and Media Matters signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)


Abdul Wali Khan University and Media Matters for Democracy Trust Forge Partnership to Empower Future Journalists and Build the Capacity of the Journalism Students in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

The Abdul Wali Khan University and Media Matters for Democracy Trust, Pakistan's leading organization for media development, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to extend their commitment to media development by including the student body enrolled in media and journalism-related programs in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa region. The MOU signed by the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Dr. Sultan Ayaz and the Executive Director of Media Matters for Democracy Mr. Asad Baig. Dean Faculty of Social Sciences Prof. Dr. Zahir Shah sheds light on AWKUM's contribution to research and academics. Director ORIC Dr. Tariq Mehmood and Farhad Safi, Head of the JMC, were also present on the occasion.

The partnership aims to address the challenges the Pakistani media industry faces by focusing on capacity building and creating a robust support network for aspiring journalists. Recognizing journalism as a critical pillar of democracy, Media Matters for Democracy Trust believes that nurturing young, resilient journalists equipped with diverse skills and up-to-date knowledge in modern digital journalism is essential for the media landscape of Pakistan.


Speech Contest Highlights the Relevance of Prophet Muhammad's (P.B.U.H.) Seerat in Addressing Modern Challenges


The contemporary world grapples with numerous issues, including poverty, starvation, pollution, exploitation of the vulnerable, and the status of women in society. Addressing these challenges becomes feasible through embracing the Seerat of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H). To shed light on this approach, a speech contest took place at University College for Women, organized in collaboration with Maalik Foundation Mardan.

Students from various classes passionately shared their perspectives on the diverse issues confronting the modern world and proposed solutions grounded in the life of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.). The president of Maalik Foundation commended the participants, emphasizing that the contest aims to enlighten the young generation about the exemplary life of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H). Principal Dr. Naseem Rafiq also underscored the significance of deepening one's knowledge about the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.), expressing gratitude to Maalik Foundation for their valuable collaboration in orchestrating the event.


Thursday, December 21, 2023

Notifications From Office of The Registrar Regarding "Winter Break"


Two-day workshop on "How to Develop an Effective Business Plan."


In a strategic collaboration, the Career Services Center and Business Incubation Center at IBL joined forces to host a two-day workshop on "How to Develop an Effective Business Plan." The event, graced by Dr. Muhammad Jehangir, Director IBL as the chief guest, concluded with his congratulatory remarks and the distribution of certificates to the participants.

Tuesday, December 19, 2023

NEST Scholarship Cheque Distribution


The following students selected under NEST Scholarship program are directed to visit the office of FAD, Room # 201 in order to collect their cheques. The following documents are required to receive your cheque.

1. Copy of cheque (Personal account)

2.  Copy of CNIC

3. Copy of student ID card

4. Copy of recent transcript from department.

Batch 1: 4th installment


Student Name

Father Name


Bibi Ayesha

Farid ul haq


Sehreen Fazal

Fazal Ghani Khan


Sadia Anwar

Khalid Anwar


Sheema Khan

Sarzamin Shah


Batch 2: 3rd installment


Student Name

Father Name


Jehangir Khan

Umar Rahman


Hania Attique

Attique Ahmad


Alsa Nabi

Muhammad Nabi



Muhammad Farooq


Beenish Hassan

Hazrat Hassan


Hina Akbar

Sher Akbar


Bakht Nama

Qais Khan



Muhkhtiar Ahmad


Rimsha Mehtab

Muhammad Mehtab


Batch 3: 2nd installment


Student Name

Father Name


Shafaq Hayat

Hayat Muhammad


Sawaira Khattak

Muhammad Ijaz


Mawra Syed

Syed Hammad Ali Shah


Huma Fahad

Muhammad Tariq Khan


Ahmad Zamir

Zamir Ali Shah


Uzair Pirzada

Waseem Pirzada


Alveena Tajuddin

Bakht Tajuddin


Aisha Ghafoor

Abudl Ghafoor


Fazli Raziq

Fazli Malik


SWEF scholarship (Need Based Category) are scheduled to be held from 20th to 22nd December, 2023 at the Central Library, Garden Campus from 10 A.M to 3 P.M

Thursday, December 14, 2023

Tender for Purchase of Lab Equipment for Department of Chemistry

Download Tender Documents

LL.M. Students from Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan Engage in Educational Interaction with Honorable Chief Justice of Pakistan


Under the Guidance of Dr. Rizwana Shah and Dr. Raza Shah Gillani, Law Students Immerse Themselves in Judicial Insights.

In a unique and enriching experience, LL.M. students from the Department of Law at Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan were granted the exceptional opportunity to meet with the Honorable Chief Justice of Pakistan, Justice Faiz Essa. Supervised by esteemed faculty members Dr. Rizwana Shah and Dr. Raza Shah Gillani, the students embarked on a visit that offered valuable insights into the workings of the judicial system.

During this visit, the students engaged in a dynamic and interactive session with Honorable Justice Jamal Mandokhail, gaining a deeper understanding of legal proceedings and the intricacies of the legal profession. As part of their educational journey, they were also given the unique chance to witness the hearing and court proceedings of the Bhutto reference case, providing them with a firsthand experience of the legal processes in action.

Adding to the educational immersion, the students explored the Supreme Court museum, delving into the historical aspects of the judiciary and gaining a broader perspective on the evolution of the legal system in the country.

This visit not only allowed the students to supplement their academic knowledge with real-world experiences but also provided them with a platform to interact with and learn from some of the most distinguished legal minds in the nation. Such initiatives contribute significantly to the holistic development of aspiring legal professionals, preparing them for the challenges and responsibilities of the legal field.

Saturday, December 2, 2023

Dr. Shah Hussain Awan Inspires at E-Merchant Pakistan's Business Tech Expo


The E-Merchant Pakistan orchestrated a transformative Business Tech Expo at Ilyas Marquee, Mardan, featuring a diverse program that included a thought-provoking Panel Discussion, Startup Presentations, and vibrant Technology and Business Stalls. The highlight of the event was Dr. Shah Hussain Awan, Coordinator of the Business Incubation Center at Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan, who graced the occasion as a distinguished guest speaker.

Dr. Awan's session, "Developing Entrepreneurial Mindset Among Students," was met with enthusiasm from startups, university, and college students in attendance. His insights into fostering innovation and embracing entrepreneurship resonated well, leaving an indelible impact on the aspiring minds.

As a token of appreciation for his valuable contribution to the Expo, Dr. Awan was honored with a shield during the closing ceremony. This recognition underlines his commitment to nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit and bridging the gap between academia and industry.

The Business Tech Expo not only provided a platform for knowledge exchange but also served as a nexus for networking and collaboration within the vibrant business and technology community in Mardan.



Open PhD Defense Notification


Open Public Defense of PhD Dissertation of Mr. Zeeshan, Department of Mathematics, AWKUM

Open Public Defense of PhD Dissertation of Mr. Abdullah, Department of Mathematics, AWKUM

Open Public Defense of PhD Dissertation of Ms. Rahila Akhtar, Department of Islamic Studies, AWKUM

Open Public Defense of PhD Dissertation of Mr. Imran Khan, Department of Mathematics, AWKUM