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Monday, October 28, 2019

Newspaper Cutting Regarding "Department of Agriculture"

Department of Agriculture Organized one day international seminar on “Hybrid Wheat Production” at Garden Campus Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan. Dr. Kawsar Ali (Assistant Professor, Agriculture Dpt AWKUM) was the chief organizer of the event while Prof. DrZhong Sheng Quan from Beijnng Engineering Research System was the invited speaker of the event. Prof Dr Muhammad Arif and Prof. Dr Bashir Ahmad were invited from the Agriculture University Peshawar as National Speakers. Dr. Zafar Hayat Khan, Chairman Agriculture Department, addressed the participant and welcomed the guest in his welcome note speak. While Talking about the importance of Hybrid Wheat production Prof. Dr. Zhong Cheng Quan Said “Growing more food is the cry of the day. We have to adopt new technologies and techniques to fulfill food requirement of the ever growing population of the world. Without the introduction of hybrid wheat production system we cant ensure food security in the region. With the help of hybrid system we can not only save the land resources but also can significantly improve fertilizer and nutrients use efficiency”. He also highly acknowledged the advancement of AWKUM in the world of research. He declared AWKUM as one of the best and fast growing research oriented university in the country. Dr. Kawsar Ali said in his speech “We don’t have any other option except to adopt and go for applied research. The farmers and people of the society are looking to agriculture scientist as we are believed to be their last hope. It’s a do or die situation for us to fulfill the food demand of ever escalating population of the country with the help of best agriculture practices”. Professor Dr Muhammad Arif and Prof Dr Bashir Ahmad also addressed the session and praised the efforts of AWKUM as a whole and agriculture department specifically. Chairman Agriculture Department told the participant and Agriculture Department has organized number of events both at national and international level in this calendar year to address and highlight various national and international issues. Chief Guest and all speakers highly acknowledged the effort of organizing committee specially DrAdil Hussain and Dr Muhammad Ali who worked day and night to make the event possible. Chief guest in speech said “Its never easy to conduct international event in such environment when you are supposed to face so many security and administrative constraint at national levels, however ,DrAdil and Dr M. Ali along with faculty members of agriculture department made it possible in shortest possible time.