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Monday, October 7, 2019

Dr. Mian Ahmad Jan, Assistant Professor of Computer Science, Published Three Impact Factor Research Papers

  1.      Title: PAAL: A Framework based on Authentication, Aggregation and Local Differential Privacy   for Internet of Multimedia Things
  Journal: IEEE Internet of Things Journal
  Impact Factor: 9.515
  Core Ranking: A* (Acceptance Ratio: 7% or below)

  2.      Title:  A Survey on Big Multimedia Data Processing and Management in Smart Cities
  Journal: ACM Computing Surveys
  Impact Factor: 6.131
  Core Ranking: A* (Acceptance Ratio: 7% or below) 

  3.      Title: Urban data management system: Towards Big Data analytics for Internet of Things based  smart urban environment using customized Hadoop
  Journal: Elsevier Future Generation Computer Systems
  Impact factor: 5.768
  Core Ranking: A (Acceptance Ratio: 16% or below)