Thursday, October 31, 2019

Newspaper Cutting "Regarding Promotion of TTS Faculty Members"

In a notification from HEC Islamabad, thirty (30) Assistant Professors (TTS) of the Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan were promoted to Associate Professors Grade 20. In his congratulation note, Prof. Dr. Mohammad Khurshid Khan, Vice Chancellor, AWKUM considered it a historical moment where a bulk of faculty members are promoted. The endorsement from HEC reflected the transparent and merit-based selection of AWKUM, which was completely endorsed by HEC.The Vice Chancellor appreciated / applauded the expertise of the promoted faculty in teaching, research and innovation. Further such achievements and good name from the faculty will come, the Vice Chancellor added he reiterated on the quality in teaching and research for making AWKUM a distinguished seat of learning for quality education. We will utilize all our energies for making AWKUM a top ranking University in the world.


  1. staso khabra tek da hu da examination section wala mu che kam de no da tol ase pazol tanha ahli yo kar mu hum tek nade zaka dalta da yo kas death shave de ao do warpasi pass dmc raletali da mara dasa de dasi da tolo name f/name hum tol ghalat de ka taso deta taraqi wayay no da kama taraqi da