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Saturday, July 23, 2022

Online applications are invited for admission to undergraduate programs in “Two-Year Online Associate Degree” (Fall 2022)

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1. I am already enrolled in one regular degree, am I eligible to apply for online degree.

*Answer*: No, as per HEC policy double degree at a time is not allowed.

2. I live in Punjab/Baluchistan/Dubai etc. Will I have to come for interview?
*Answer*: If you belong to far area, and cannot come to the university for interview, we may arrange it online. But, whenever needed we may call you the campus.

3. Will the examinations be completely online or on campus.
*Answer*: Yes, the examination will be conducted online.

4. What is the fee structure for local/Pakistani Nationals
*Answer*: For Pakistani & Afghani students the fee for first semester is Rs.14500. Onward semesters will be charged at Rs. 12000 per semester

5. What is the fee structure for foreigners
*Answer*: For Foreign nationals the fee for the first semester is USD. 270 (including application fee, registration fee, & first semester fee). Onward semesters will be charged at USD 250 per semester

6. I belong to a foreign country, & do not have access to a local bank to pay the application fee of Rs.300.
*Answer*: Foreign nationals are exempted from the application fee. However you are required to provide passport first page/ID as a evidence

7. What is the application processing fee?
*Answer*: Rs 300 per application. Foreigners are exempted

8. What is the upper age limit for online associate degrees?
*Answer*: No limit