Monday, February 11, 2019

Dr. Syed Zafar Ullah Bakhshali Assistant Professor of Pashto, Present a Paper in International Conference

Dr. Syed Zafar Ullah Bakhshali Assistant Professor Department of Pashto Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan presented a research paper in International Conference Present a paper titled "The Influences of Persian on Pashto Literature” In the Third International Conference on Current Issue of Languages, Dialects and Linguistics Iran - Ahwaz, 31 January - 1 February          2019.

The researcher presented the Pashtuns and Persian speakers have a common cultural background. Both Pashto and Persian are called sister languages. If Pashto has classical poets like Khushal Khan Khattak, Abdul Hamid, Abdur Rahman, Ali Khan, Persian has also great literary figures like Firdusi, Khayyam, Saadi and Hafiz. These Persian literary legends have influenced Pashtun poets and their literary works. Persian language has influenced different aspects of Pashto language and literature. Persian lexical influences are very much visible in Pashto language. Similarly Persian has influenced literary genres of Pashto like ghazal and Saqi Nama etc. Sufism has also been introduced in Pashto poetry through Persian poetry. Classical Pashto poet Khushal Khan has also praised Persian language and attributed it as sweet language. Though Arabic is regarded as a language of religion but Persian is regarded as a language of academia and teaching in Pashtun regions. Some classical Persian literary books have shaped the ethical development of the Muslims of sub-continent. In these books Bostān and Gulistān of Saadi are very popular among the folks. This article will elaborate various aspects of Pashto language and literature which have been influenced by Persian language and literature.

At the end of conference certificate and was presented to researcher by the Vice Chancellor.


  1. So proud of you brother
    Appreciated your work for Pashto language and literature

  2. I think the professor should focus his research on making Pashto a language of academic studies and language of teaching and medium of instruction throughout Pashtunkhwa.Yes Persian as well as Baluchi,Osettian, Kurdish, Munjhi and Pamiri languages are all sister languages ,but the need is for Pashtun to make Pashto a modern academic language of schlarship,media,law,government and business and technology and science>The Pakistani state has a very disparaging view of Pashto that it must be subservient to Urdu introdced by British imperialist and Persian the lingua franca of Mughals and Saffawids. This is the 21st century and the 45 million Pashtun of south and khyber Pashtunkhwa must make sure that Pashto are introduced as language of instruction at undergraduate level and developmentally upto m,phil and doctoral level for all education.Only then will Pashtun be free from the slavery of the last 250 years.

  3. Even AWKUm fails miserably on the score of introducing Pashto as medium of instruction for undergratuate programmes. English is sued for all undergradad prgrammes and the Urdu a minority language of Muhajir which was only spoken by 2 % of immigrants at time of independence from British.By view of state patronage of this language Urdu it is now given a status which it does not deserve as Pashto,Sindhi and otherss are spoken as mother tongue by much more speakers.The time has come to make Pashto official for at least undergrad and there should be option for both Pashto and English streamsFailure to do that wil see Pashtun become a people that hate their own language and adopting Indic language Urdu as their persona and identity .Already the difference btw Pashtun from Afghanistan and Pashtunkhwa is becoming increasing glaring