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Monday, March 22, 2021

Ayaz Ali Khan Successfully Defended His Ph.D


Ayaz Ali Khan has successfully defended his Ph.D. dissertation on March 18, 2021. According to two foreign and two internal examiners, his thesis was technically sound, well written, and has significant novelty. I was delighted when the examiners appreciated his efforts by noting that they found Ayaz’s thesis one of the most technically sound amongst those they evaluated, for other universities, in the past. The title of his thesis was "Energy and Performance Efficient Resource Management in Containerized Datacenters". During his Ph.D. duration, he has published 11 research papers in well-reputed, CORE ranked, transactions and journals, making a total Impact Factor of 50+. Furthermore, his thesis document has appeared in the following 7 REGULAR publications.

1) An energy and performance aware consolidation technique for containerized datacenters, Transactions on Cloud Computing, IEEE [IF 7.928]

2) H2 - A hybrid heterogeneity aware resource orchestrator for cloud platforms, Systems Journal, IEEE [IF 4.337]

3) HeporCloud: An energy and performance efficient resource orchestrator for hybrid heterogeneous cloud computing environments, Journal of Networks and Computer Applications, Elsevier [IF 5.570]

4) An energy, performance efficient resource consolidation scheme for heterogeneous cloud datacenters, Journal of Networks and Computer Applications, Elsevier [IF 5.570]

5) Energy-aware dynamic resource management in elastic cloud datacenters, Simulation Modelling Practice and Theory, Elsevier [IF 2.239]

6) Energy, performance and cost efficient cloud datacentres: A survey, Computer Science Review, Elsevier [IF 7.707]

7) PerficientCloudSim: a tool to simulate large-scale computation in heterogeneous clouds, The Journal of Supercomputing, Springer [IF 2.469]