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Monday, January 23, 2023

AWKUM conducted Self-Institutional Performance Evaluation (IPE)


Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan (AWKUM) conducted Self-Institutional Performance Evaluation (IPE) on January 16-18, 2023. The aim of the IPE is to self-evaluate the performance & efficiency of the University based on 11 Quality Standards provided in the IPE Manual of HEC. The standards outline major areas that Higher Education Institutions need to focus on in order to ensure good governance and quality education.

The IPE panel comprised of one external reviewer i.e. Mr. Imran Ullah Marwat, Director QAC (HED), Peshawar and three internal reviewers including Dr. Abdul Ghaffar (Chairperson, Department of Education), Director and Deputy Director QEC. The self-review process was facilitated by the Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC) AWKUM.

The IPE commenced with a detailed introduction of the Self-IPE processes and a presentation on the Compliance Report of IPE 2021-22 delivered by Mr. Sayim Sohail (Director QEC). The IPE panel then carefully examined the University Portfolio Report (UPR) and supporting documentation for answers to the questions standard wise.

Meetings with departmental academic and administrative heads, faculty members as well students were scheduled for the IPE's second day in order to assess the capacity of the institution's operational procedures. In order to observe the facilities offered on campus, the panel also took a tour of various departments, library, classrooms, and labs. The panel appreciated the efforts of AWKUM in enhancing the culture of quality. The panel members utilized the last day in preparation and completion of the IPE reports.