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Thursday, December 5, 2019

Newspaper Cutting

World soil day was celebrated today at Agriculture Department, Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan like many other parts of the world.  Internationally, world soil day is celebrated every year on 5th December to highlight the importance of soil and its role in life on earth surface. On this eve of world soil day  A National Seminar was organized at Department of Agriculture, AWKUM in collaboration with international journal of Agricultural and Environmental Research and Eurasion School An International Education System. The Seminar was organized on the topic of “Stop Soil Erosion, Save our Future”. Dr. Kawsar Ali of Agriculture Department AWKUM was the chief organizer of the event. DrYousaf Noor, research officer at Cereal Crop Research Institute Pirsabak, and Dr Zafar Hayat Khan, Chairman Agriculture Department AWKUM were among the speakers. Faculty members, students and research officer from different institution participated in the seminar. While addressing the participants, invited speaker DrYousaf Noor Said “ Healthy soils are fundamental to produce clean water, preserve biodiversity, and increase resilience to the impacts of climate change, especially for poor family farmers of developing countries. This is reflected in the Sustainable Development Goals, and was highlighted during the recent UN Climate Conference in Marrakech, COP 22. The cause of soils and their protection is high on the international agenda, and calls for collaborative and coordinated efforts”.
Moreover, Dr Zafar Hayat Khan, Chairman Agriculture Dpt AWKUM, added “In a modern world where the population is growing, cities are expanding, the climate is changing and more food is needed, we urgently need healthy soils to ensure the essential services they provide. Sustainable management systems and practices will unlock the full potential of soils to support food production, store and supply clean water, preserve biodiversity, sequester more carbon and increase resilience to a changing climate” He briefed the researchers and faculty members of other department about the research activities so for his department has conducted for sustainable soil management. He said “Though AWKUM is newly established institution, however, we have made all possible efforts to satisfy the need of farmers and community in a very short spin of time”.
Dr. Kawsar Ali, who was the chief organizer of the seminar and alsoEdiotr-ib-Chief of International Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Research acknowledge the efforts of all faculty members of agriculture department and official partner of IJAER, The Eurasion school: International Education system. He praised the role of Eurasion School Director DrSabi Ur Rahman and declared him man of vision. While addressing the participants he said“Ladies and gentlemen, Agriculture Dpt AWKUM organized this event to discuss sustainable food systems and nutrition. One of the main conclusions is that healthy soils and healthy seeds are essential for producing healthy diets. And pulses play an important role in this equation, especially to improve the quality of soils. This is a symbiosis for life, which is the theme of our event today”.