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Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan Celebrates Foundation Day with Prominent Figures and Pledges for Continued Excellence


Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan marked its foundation day with a grand ceremony at the Garden Campus, attended by notable academicians, staff, and a vibrant student body, signaling a renewed commitment to academic excellence and innovation. The event, a testament to the university's journey towards becoming a beacon of knowledge, was graced by the presence of Professor Dr. Saeed ul Islam, Professor Dr. Tahir, Professor Dr. Sher Afzal, along with Registrar Hassan Khan, Director of Admissions Dr. Majid, Director ORIC Dr. Tariq Mahmood, and Director Admin Dr. Idrees. Provost Sohail Alam and Adnan Saeed, the President of the Employees Association, were also among the dignitaries present.

The ceremony began with Professor Dr. Saeed ul Islam hoisting the flag, symbolizing the start of a new chapter in the university's history of fostering educational growth and research innovation. The cutting of the foundation day cake in the university conference hall was a highlight, celebrating the achievements and progress of the institution.

Speakers at the event paid tribute to the relentless efforts of all former Vice Chancellors of Abdul Wali Khan University, acknowledging their pivotal role in elevating the university to its current prestigious position in the global rankings—second in Pakistan. Their leadership has not only shaped the academic landscape of the university but has also positioned it as a center of excellence recognized worldwide.

Reflecting on the achievements, the speakers pledged to uphold the legacy of innovation and academic rigor. "Today, we pledge to continue our efforts for the progress of the university," echoed throughout the ceremony, encapsulating the collective aspiration of the Abdul Wali Khan University community to forge ahead with determination and contribute significantly to the realm of higher education.

The foundation day event was not just a celebration of past successes but also a reaffirmation of the university's commitment to advancing research, enhancing academic programs, and nurturing a generation of leaders and innovators poised to tackle global challenges. As Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan looks to the future, it stands ready to embrace new opportunities and continue its quest for excellence in all facets of higher education.