Thursday, August 29, 2019

Date Sheet Master of Arts & Master of Science Annual Examination – 2019


  1. Previous date sheet first paper main date ghalat hai (2018).

    1. sahe janab ,,,,,1/10/2019 previous walo ka paper hy ,,,awar uc k agly din Final walo ka

  2. Roll no slips kab bejay jaengay private candidates ko

  3. Plz koi mujay guide karein k ma final islamiyat ka last paper jo 25 october ko hai ye "islam ka qanoon wirasat" hi hai na plz some one who knows about it please guide me

  4. MA political science composite ke roll number slips kam ayengay plz

  5. roll nmber hamisha 7 days pehly ata ay paper sy

  6. The last paper of the Islamiat(X) titled as,"Islamic Literature and Critisism" which refer as under:
    The stage was now set for the beginning of a golden era in authorship which lasted several centuries. The critical problems raised by the Arab authors during this period can be summed up under the following main headings:

    1. Literary aspect of the Qur’anic i‘jaz (eloquence of discourse), and the extent to which literary could aid in discovering the secrets of that i‘jaz.

    2. Unique and sometimes obscure usages of the Qur’anic style.

    3. Authenticity of literary texts transmitted by the rawas from pre-Islamic and early Islamic times.

    4. Classification of the Arab poets, both Islamic and pre-Islamic.

    5. Merits and demerits of the ancients and moderns in Arabic literature, and controversies between traditionalists and innovators.

    6. Claims of meaning and expression to literary excellence.

    7. Originality and imitation, and the phenomenon of plagiarism.

    8. Nature of speech and articulation.

    9. Meaning and essence of literary excellence, in structure, signification, effectiveness, and formal beauty.

    10. Definition of the figures of speech.

    11. Standards for the comparison between rival poets.

    12. Norms of excellence in the chief poetical arts, such as panegyric, satire, and elegy.

    13. Linguistic aspects of literary art.

    These various problems of literary criticism were treated sometimes separately in a specialized fashion, and sometimes together in manuals or textbooks. The stylistic aspects in particular received a large share of the Arab authors’ attention, and the researches around them grew until they formed a separate critical branch under the name of Balaghah. This was mainly the outcome of the Muslims pre-occupation with problems of the Qur’anic exegesis and i‘jaz. Greek writings on rhetorics which were translated into Arabic as early as the third/ninth century also contributed to the growth of the science of Balaghah. In fact, that science dominated the Arabic critical field all through the later centuries of Islam from the seventh/13th to the 12th/18th.

    The above enumeration of the different aspects of Arabic literary criticism will indicate the immensity of its wealth, and the difficulty of separating the Arab contribution in this field from their contribution to the development of Arabic language and literature in general. Many a general book on literature, such as the Kitab al-Aghani (Book of Songs) by Abu al-Faraj, would also claim a place among the books of literary criticism. The same can be said by the unique excellence of the Qur’an.
    For further details u can visit to the deptt of islamic Studies in official hrs,where my collegues shall extend their helping hands in this regard if so desired please.

  7. Mujhay roll number slip chahiyay

  8. Roll no net par issue karo yar logo ko as animals hogi

  9. please inform us when will be roll number slip send.....?

  10. Kindly infrom me about my Toll No slip my contact number is 03469147182.

  11. sir g mera roll number abhi tak nahi ays he google per koi link hu tu kindly send krdu

  12. koye bata sakta hy yar mera 1 paper previs my fil hy waho kab hoge

  13. AWKU not yet issued roll number slips to candidates Alas.

  14. Mary roll number slip ab tk nh ayaa ha Google p koi link ho please help

  15. Roll number slip k baher exm ks dng aor examination haal kon c hoga very worried please help awkum

  16. Sar Mera bhi roll number slip Nahin Aaya hai

  17. Viva ka deat sheet kahan mele ga

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