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Monday, October 19, 2020

Mr. Usman Ghani Ph.D Scholar of Chemistry, Successfully Defended his Ph.D Dissertation

Mr. Usman Ghani Ph.D scholar Department of Chemistry, successfully defended his Ph.D dissertation titled ““SYNTHESIS AND CHARACTERIZATION OF ION MODIFIED GEOPOLYMERS FROM SELECTED CLAY SAMPLE AND STUDY OF ITS REMOVAL PROPERTIES OF HEAVY METALS AND STABILITY AGAINST CHLORIDE AND SULPHATE” under the supervision of Dr. Noor Ul AminThe defense was attended by Prof. Dr. Khalid Saeed, Department of Chemistry, Bacha khan University Charsadda. Prof. Dr.Sultan Ayaz, Dean Faculty of Chemical and Life Sciences, Dr. Muhammad Naeem, Chairman, Department of chemistry and other distinguished professors of the Department of Chemistry and Biochemsitry AWKUM along with other honorable guests and students.

The thesis was evaluated by Prof. Dr. Nadras Bt. Othman, School of Materials and Mineral Resources Engineering (Polymer Chemistry Division), Engineering Universiti Sains Malaysia, Prof. Dr. Ho Soon Min, Department of Chemistry, & Materials Science, International University Malaysia and Prof. Dr. khalid Saeed, Department of Chemistry, Bacha khan University Charsadda.

Mr. Usman Ghani completed his PhD in three years (Six semesters).