Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Laptop Scheme "Verification of The Students "

As per request of students and focal persons of different Universities regarding various issues in Laptop Scheme, HEC Administration has decided to give you another chance to verify/approve the applied/unverified applicants of your department from all programmes .In this regard, verification portal is on/active for all Departmental Focal Persons.

All Chairpersons are therefore requested to kindly expedite to get done the verification of the students who have applied for laptops, up to 9th of August, 2018. Your newly approved / verified list of students will be aggregated to the next merit list coming soon. Please once again you are requested to take prompt action to facilitate your students.


  1. When nd how to apply to this scheme sir !!

  2. Method of re verifiying sir???

  3. I was selected for the award of laptop in the merit list issued by university but I am not selected on the website... How is that?

  4. I was selected but now I m out of list this is not good

    1. Whose selected you University or Hec

  5. Dear Sir, my credentials have been verified by the university and my status is verified on the list. I am an MPhil scholar at AWKUM in English Department. My other fellow scholar are selected and even they have received their assets but I am still on pending and there is no obvious reason mentioned in remarks section like why it is so..I have complained about it to the focal person but so far it resulted in nothing..please do something in this regard..